transparency | integrity | simplicity
We want to “transform” the recruitment process ensuring that we only provide quality staff with a clear desire to thrive and develop. Recruiting only the very best teachers and leaders is just the beginning. We want all of our staff to go and add real value to the community that they are teaching and leading in.

We do this though our three pillars that underpin everything we do: Transparency, Integrity & Simplicity. At Transform, we believe that if we get the first two right, quality will always be assured. This is why we are committed to investing in the ongoing professional development of all our teachers and leaders. We do this through high-quality mentoring, coaching and support during the first few months as staff adjust to their new challenge of living and working abroad.

We recognise that moving to a new country can be very difficult, and so we want to support our staff every step of the way. We believe that this is not only the right thing to do in terms of individual wellbeing, but also in terms of retention. This is why every one of our teachers and leaders has free virtual access to an experienced English-based mentor/coach as part of their induction whilst they transition to their new role.

On the ground, we also have a number of local ambassadors who are there to provide support with the little things that we also know can be so important. This ensures that not only do our staff get off to a great start, but also that they will go on and flourish as a successful teacher and leader.

We are a values-led company. Everything that we do is done with Integrity and driven by our commitment to transparency and simplicity. This starts from the moment you first make contact with us, and right the way through until you are settled and thriving in your role. We aim to make the entire recruitment process as transparent and clear as possible, remaining true to our principles throughout.

We hope you get a sense of this from our website. It will hopefully give you a bit of an insight into what we do, how and why. Nothing beats talking to each other though, so please do get in touch. Thank you for taking the time to explore Transform. We hope you are inspired to join us on our journey.”