School Improvement & Evaluation

At Transform, our suite of school improvement services is designed to be versatile, catering to the unique needs of each institution. Schools can either opt for tailor-made services crafted to address their specific challenges or choose from a range of training topics to strategically focus on areas requiring improvement. For institutions seeking long-term school improvement support, collaboration with Transform’s expert team allows for capacity-building in various critical areas:

Supporting Students’ Learning

  • Personalized strategies for student engagement and academic success.
  • Implementation of effective learning support programs ​

Assessment and Feedback Enhancement

  • Comprehensive assessment frameworks and methodologies.
  • Development of robust feedback mechanisms to inform teaching practices.

Improving Teaching

  • Targeted professional development for educators.
  • Pedagogical strategies to enhance classroom instruction.

Curriculum Development

  • Customized curriculum design to meet specific educational goals.
  • Integration of innovative and up-to-date educational practices.

Professional Learning

  • Ongoing professional development opportunities for faculty and staff.
  • Programs to keep educators abreast of the latest educational trends and methodologies.

Middle and Senior Leadership Development

  • Leadership training programs to foster effective management.
  • Mentorship and coaching for middle and senior leadership roles.

Inspection Preparation

  • Guidance and support in preparation for educational inspections.
  • Comprehensive review of policies and practices to meet inspection standards.


  • Tools and frameworks for schools to conduct internal assessments.
  • Assistance in establishing effective self-evaluation processes.

Governance Enhancement

  •  Training for school board members and administrators.
  • Strategic guidance for effective governance practices.
“Transform’s commitment is to empower schools with a comprehensive range of improvement services, ensuring sustained progress and success in the dynamic landscape of education. “​