Services —
Transform offers a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to the multifaceted needs of educational institutions. Our aim is to support schools in achieving excellence across all aspects of their operation, from leadership and management to curriculum development and student engagement.

Our Comprehensive Services

New schools and School Acquisitions

We have an extensive portfolio of UK school partnerships many of whom have expressed a firm interest in expanding into the Middle East. 

Due diligence

Our specialized team conducts rigorous school acquisition due diligence to empower our clients with comprehensive insights before making pivotal decisions.


Recognizing the distinctive nature of each international school and its specific needs, Transform tailors its recruitment services accordingly.

Supply Teachers

Transform places teachers and leaders in international schools across the Middle East. 

School Improvement & Evaluation

At Transform, our suite of school improvement services is designed to be versatile, catering to the unique needs of each institution.

Assessment and feedback

We offer comprehensive assessment frameworks and methodologies. Along with development of robust feedback mechanisms to inform teaching practices.

Leadership Training

Transform’s leadership training programs are meticulously crafted to foster effective and visionary management within educational institutions. 


We offer a variety of courses including HR, SEND and pre-school to further education.  

Workplace Training

At Transform our mission is to support you as you move into the workplace environment with a range of programs and courses.


At Transform, we recognize that the seamless integration and optimization of school systems are paramount to fostering an environment conducive to effective teaching, learning, and overall operational excellence. 


We offer swift, dependable, and cost-effective verification Services.